Diatom Powder Residual Red Mite Control 15kg

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15 kg Diatom Powder

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15 kg Diatom Powder (Diatomaceous Earth)

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Diatomaceous Earth is an effective control against many mite and lice problems associated with poultry including red mite.
Sprinkle Diatom powder on the floor of the house at a the rate of 50g per square meter.
It can also be added to the bottom of nest boxes and the hens favourite dust bath. Used in this manor the chickens will self medicate and reduce the need to handle them. Alternatively, diatom powder can be applied directly to the bird using the 450g diatom puffer pack.
Diatom powder (Diatomaceous Earth) has the effect on mites of walking across shards of glass. Their outer waxy coating soon becomes damaged and they die from dehydration. Because it is an inert mineral there is no egg withdrawal or chemical residue to consider although we recommend you wear gloves when handling diatom powder.

If you are dealing with an infestation of Red Mite we recommend you use poultry shieldas an initial control followed by diatom powder (Diatomaceous Earth)
To apply diatom powder to your chickens you'll find decanting it into a smaller container makes life simplier 450g diatom powder pufferis ideal for this or use a bobby duster dust applicator

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15 kg Diatom Powder

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  Top product and prompt delivery  We have used Diatom powder for several years for red mite suppression and worming to great effect.  (18/04/2013) -

  Diatom is an effective red mite deterant  Use pesticide and detergent cleaner products to eradicate Rewd Mite initiallt and Diatom added to a disinfectant/ washing up liquid base to form a slurry and painted on perches and in cracks as a deterant for new infestations. It lasts well and goes a long way so is very economic in use.   (31/12/2009) Rooster - East Anglia

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