Delivery Costs
Our delivery charges are based on the weight of the order and the delivery location. If you would like to see a total as you add items please complete your address details after adding the first item. There is no obligation to buy until you complete the order. Charges start from only 93p up to £7.95 for a 25 kg parcel delivered to a UK mainland address (excluding Scottish Highlands) via our non urgent service. Some items will require seperate shipping due to their size or weight and will incur their own shipping charge.

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5 Year Housing Guarantee

All our houses are guaranteed to remain structurally sound and useable for a minimum of 5 years although we do expect them to last many years longer with maintenance and the occasional repair.

You may notice some deterioration in timbers that are in contact with the ground but they should still remain useable for this time as pressure treated timber in contact with the ground has a life expectancy of between 5 and 15 years. All our houses have been designed so that timber in contact with the ground can easily be repaired or replaced with timber from your local DIY store. Timber not in direct contact with the ground can be expected to last much longer.

Unfortunately, as wood is a natural material and will move according to the weather, it will develop small cracks over time that may allow rain water through.

Our Sonning Chicken coops with timber roofs are treated with a sealer before they leave the workshop which you may need to re apply should you notice any leaks.
We use 2 coats of Thompson's One Coat Water Seal or an equivalent building sealer. Should you feel the need this can also be used on any of the vertical surfaces of our houses.

Our Monmouth range of chicken houses should be kept off the ground for best life expectancy, either with our stand or simple concrete blocks.

The only part of large chicken coop and run excluded from our guarantee is the coop floor. As this is subject to the harshest environment and will sustain damage from physically scrapping dirt from it we have designed this to be a low cost, replaceable item. You can purchase replacements direct from us, or cut your own from standard plywood sheet.

Limitations and exceptions

Should you need to claim under this guarantee we will supply parts only for the affected area. As all our houses are made of individual panels that screw or bolt together we will not replace an entire house if one panel has failed. We will not supply or pay for the labour to replace the parts although we may be able to do this on a chargeable basis should you require.

Outside of the guarantee period we can supply individual panels on a charged for basis.

This guarantee applies to housing ordered after 1/1/2014