Barrier Scaly Leg Spray

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Barrier Scaly Leg Spray

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Barrier Scaly Leg Spray

Barrier Scaly Leg Spray is a wonderful deterrent against scaly leg mite for Birds and Poultry including Chickens, Turkeys, Game and Cage Birds.

Deterrent Against Scaly Leg Mite : We recommend you use Scaly Leg Spray as a deterrent as well as to treat an existing problem. Scaly Leg Mite affects birds of all ages, although older birds and feathered leg breeds tend to be more susceptible. Affected birds should be isolated and all housing cleared and thoroughly cleaned.

Prevention : Scaly Prevention is always the best option. Check for the tell tail signs of crusty, white deposits on enlarged, rough and lumpy legs where the scales have become raised. Living entirely on the bird Scaly Leg Mite cause pain and intense irritation for the bird as they burrow under the scales and into the skin of the legs and sometimes the comb and wattles. In severe cases of infestation the birds find it difficult to walk, may lose a toe and become severely deformed.

Identification: Caused by Cnemidocoptes mutans and evident as tiny white spherical creatures with a diameter of less than 0.5mm Scaly Leg Mite is difficult to spot in the early stages. For this reason we recommend you use Scaly Leg Spray as a deterrent as well as to treat an existing problem.

Suitable for use in Organic Farming Systems: Suitable for use in Organic and Intensive Farming Systems. This product falls into the exempt category of products which use only plant oils as active ingredients, as listed in Annexe IIB (Pesticides) of Council Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91 (as amended) and is therefore suitable to use in organic systems.

Directions for use: SHAKE WELL. Spray the legs generously from the hocks down. Scaly leg mite can also attack the comb and wattles. For small birds - Apply 1-2 trigger pulls of product per leg. For average sized birds - Apply 5 trigger pulls of product per leg. For large birds - Apply 10 trigger pulls of product per leg.

For General Maintenance: When buying in birds always check them very carefully and treat them as a matter of course before introducing them to clean birds. Spray the legs, comb and wattles every few weeks (avoid eyes).

Where infestation exists: Scaly Leg Spray is a wonderful product to repel the mite, whilst soothing and calming irritation. Affected birds should be isolated and all housing cleared and thoroughly cleaned. Spray the legs, comb and wattles directly and evenly (avoid eyes) and repeat every 5–6 days to break the egg cycle.

Will Scaly leg taint eggs: Scaly Leg Spray will not taint eggs.

Product Category: Poultry equipment > treatments for scaly leg in chickens

Brand/manufacturer: Barrier Biotech

This item can be shipped to UK and Europe and is normally despatched within 1-3 days

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Barrier Scaly Leg Spray

10 out of 10
based on33 ratings. 33 user reviews.

    The product appears to work I have been using it as a deterrent so hopefully it works. When I got new chickens they had uncomfortable bumps and sores on there feet as they were rescue chickens which healed really well so thanks  (08/07/2015) -

    Heel goed product. Na een paar dagen was mijn zijdehoen volledig genezen. Blij meisje heb ik weer! Ook verscheping naar NL gaat snel en zorgvuldig! Jammer dat het niet in NL rechtstreeks is te krijgen, maar zo lang dat niet het geval is, is dit een prima alternatief!   (02/05/2013) Floor - Weesp

    It works. All very good   (18/04/2013) -

    Thank you, Wells Poultry, for stocking the perfect cure to my Pekin Bantams' dreadful scaly leg mites. The improvement began overnight. Thoroughly recommended.   (16/11/2012) A Cockerill - North Yorkshire

  Excellent service  Prompt delivery. Have only used the spray twice but having read the other reviews I am confident that the product, in time, will do the trick.   (14/10/2012) Anonymous - West Yorkshire

    Received the product promptly. Used it twice on affected bird and has markedly improved condition. Would recommend this product.   (26/06/2012) -

  Seems to work well  Used it twice now and it has dramatically improved situation. Got hens from a bloke who was moving and didn't realised the issue until it got quite bad and it affected my own hens. Seem to be on the road to recovery now though, time will tell.   (07/06/2012) Martin - Lincolnshire

  scaly leg spray  this is one product that really does work.   (17/05/2012) john - merseyside

  Chickens stopped pecking out feathers  I didn't realise but the irritation of the leg mite was the cause of chickens plucking out their bum feathers, this spray seems to have done the trick on the legs and they are leaving their feathers along now too.   (15/02/2012) -

  Excellent Value  After two applications a week apart I was amazed and very impressed at the improvment in the condition of the affected bird's legs and her general condition. Back on lay and very happy with life again! Thoroughly recommended.   (10/02/2012) Bill King - Cumbria

    very good. can see the difference after only using it twice. brilliant product   (04/11/2011) -

  Good product  My chickens have always suffered with scaly leg, I have tried many things to eradicate it including veterinary treatments.In one application I noticed improvements, very easy to use. I spray when birds are on the perch at bedtime.   (07/09/2011) S Cooper - Lincolnshire

  Really does work!  I have 3 chickens who got scaley leg mites and one of them was really bad with it.I brought this product and was amazed at just 2 applications just how fast it healed up their legs.Even the vet was amazed.I would definately use again.Highly recommended.   (22/07/2011) Lisa Day - Wellingborough

    Excellent prompt service   (14/07/2011) Frank Berry - Disley

  IT WORKS!  A really effective product that works quickly.I intend to use it as a preventative treatment in the future.   (16/06/2011) Mike Mott - Lincolnshire

Disposable gloves - box of 100 gloves (50 pairs)


pack of 10 x 3 ml pipette



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