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Bio-secure walk in chicken coop and run

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Keep your chicks happy, healthy and safe with one of our large chicken coops with run, equally at home in the town or country. With its sturdy timber frame, European weld mesh and spacious, covered run, this practical chicken coop provides everything your chickens need:
  • Solid roof and small mesh complies with DEFRA's guidlines for protection against avian influenza
  • Plenty of space. It is very important that your chickens have enough room, as overcrowding can cause distress and lead to fighting.
  • Shelter from rain and shaded areas for hot sunny days.
  • Internal nest boxes (external nest boxes are an optional extra).
  • 2 perches for a great night's sleep.
  • Corroline roof provides overhead ventilation for draught-free airflow
  • Protection against predators, especially urban foxes. We have never had a report of a fox breaking into our coops or runs, as we only use high quality materials - durable redwood timber and superior quality European 19g weld mesh keep your birds safe.

  • Our large chicken coops with run are designed to make your life easier too. The durable, tanalised wood structure is resistant to rot, and so is extremely easy to maintain. We've also made cleaning a much easier job - the spacious walk-in design, lift-out floors, and built-in access hatches mean you get into all areas without having to crawl. It is also very easy to assemble, so don't worry if your DIY skills aren't the best - our chicken house and run comes with easy to follow instructions.

    Click here to see our examples of chicken coops and runs we have built for previous customers

    Create your Ideal Chicken Coop and Chicken Run

    Whatever your requirements, we can create the ideal large chicken coop and run for you. We have chicken coops and runs in many different sizes and there are many different features you can add. So whether you are looking to make best use of your garden space or need to protect your chickens from digging foxes, we can help.

    To create your large chicken coop and run:

    1. Measure the amount of space you have available and consider the number of birds you want to keep. Then use the table below to figure out the size of chicken house and run you need. We have two base models available - a 6ft wide house and a 9ft wide house, and these can be fitted with a variety of run lengths. Our base models are 6ft x 9ft and 9ft x 12 ft, and are available at an incredibly low £720 and £1155 respectively.

    Our chicken coops and runs all come complete with 2 free perches that run the length of the chicken house and run. They also include internal nest boxes (1x3 bay for the 6' coop, 2x3 bay for the 9' coop).

    What size chicken coop and run do i need?
    Chicken Coop and Run Size Number of Hens Cost (including VAT)
    6ft x 9ft5 £720
    6ft x 12ft7 £834.77
    6ft x 15ft9 £948.88
    6ft x 18ft10 £1064.33
    6ft x 21ft12 £1179.1
    6ft x 24ft14 £1293.88
    6ft x 27ft 16 £1408.64
    9ft x 12ft11 £1155.02
    9ft x 15ft14 £1304.23
    9ft x 18ft17 £1453.45
    9ft x 21ft20 £1602.66
    9ft x 24ft23 £1751.47
    9ft x 27ft 26 £1901.09

    2. Use the Width and Run Length buttons to choose the size of your chicken coop and run.

    3. Use the Height button if you want to add a plinth to the bottom of the run. A plinth is great if you are using litter, as it will stop the litter spilling out into your garden.

  • Standard Height is for a chicken run without a plinth. This will stand at 5ft tall (at the top of the eaves).
  • + 6" Base Plinthadds a 6 inch plinth to your run (so the total height will be 5ft 6 inches). Each plinth panel measures 6"x3ft and costs just £8.20.
  • +12" Base Plinth adds an extra large 12" x 3ft plinth (£10 each). This plinth is more effective at stopping spillages, but will increase the overall height to 6ft, which can be an issue in some conservation areas.

  • 4. If you are putting your chicken house and run onto a soil or sand base (or any other material that a fox can dig), you should add our Anti-Dig Mesh Skirt to your order. This strong wire mesh sits on top of the grass/soil around the run and stops foxes and badgers from digging into the run this gives you a fox proof chicken house. We've found that animals soon learn that they can't dig through the wire and they quickly give up trying. The mesh soon settles into the ground too, so it is barely noticeable.

    If your chicken house is going onto a concrete base, you don't need our anti dig mesh skirt.

    5. Use the Pop Hole button to choose whether your chicken house and run will have a pop hole. The pop hole allows chickens to move from the run to the garden at any time (as long as the pop hole is open). Adding a pop hole costs just £20.

    6. If your chicken coop and run is going to be close to capacity, you may want to consider having external nest boxes instead of internal ones. External nest boxes will give your birds extra floor space as they allow the internal nest boxes to be removed. At just £40 each, external nest boxes are a sensible option if you have space around your coop and run (they require 2ft of space).

    Use the Nest Box button to choose whether your coop will have external or internal nest boxes.

    7. That's it, you are ready to buy your ideal large chicken house and run. Select the Add to Cart button to add it to your order. If you'd like us to assemble the house for you please visit our Onsite Assembly Page and this can be added to your order. When you are finished shopping at Green Valley Poultry Supplies, go to the checkout and select Checkout Now. You will then be guided through the payment process.

    You can either pay via the convensional online card payment or we can give you a call / email to collect payment - in that case please use the "send card details seperately option"
    If you've paid online we will only take the deposit from the amount authorised. We'll contact you later to collect further payments when they are due.
    If you've choosen to pay offline we'll manually send you a payment request.

    Place your order now and we will create and deliver your large chicken house and run in a matter of weeks (our current despatch time is shown just below the add to cart button). If you need your house urgently please call us as for a small premium and subject to staff availablity we can offer an express service. We deliver to England, Wales and Lowland Scotland. If you live in another area, please get in touch as we can arrange deliveries to other regions.

    Buy Now and your Large Chicken House and Run Could be With You Soon

    Large, Walk In Chicken Coops with Run (6x9' Basic Size + Options)

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    Price: From £600.00
    (£720.00 Incl. VAT)


    Large Chicken Coop and run options

    This items is - Delivery times for made to order chicken coops are normally between 3 and 12 weeks depending on workload

    This item can be shipped to mainland England,Wales & Lowland Scotland. Other areas by arrangement

    Customer Reviews for:
    Large, Walk In Chicken Coops with Run (6x9' Basic Size + Options)
    9 out of 10
    based on7 ratings. 7 user reviews.

      6 X 12' coop and run  From start to finish green valley poultry have been fantastic. Prompt service, prompt replies to any questions raised.Have wanted to keep chickens for many years and glad that I chose GVP for such a well built coop and run.Used the guys assembly service,they arrived on time and did brilliant job!   (22/12/2015) Andrew - East Sussex

      An excellent product . . . . .   but the assembly instructions were totally inadequate! Our chickens are now housed in luxury but Wells need to review their assembly instructions for anyone who does not have joinery skills. An expensive product (ours is a 9x12) - but you get what you pay for and we now have an excellent house.   (09/01/2014) Andrew Nicholson - West of Scotland

      Great product well thought out for chicken welfare  We bought a 18 by 9 foot run with external nest boxes which stands on a concrete base with an internal wood chip covering. Absolutely no complaints about the construction or materials used, good quality materials very efficiently erected.   (09/01/2014) Ray Down - Leigh on Sea ESSEX

      Update on house purchased spring 2011  I wanted to give you an update on the Wells Poultry house/run we purchased from you in the Spring of 2011. Ours is the 9 x 15’ enclosure together with two outside nest boxes. The ground is covered in a mix of soil and woodchips so even in the colder months our hens can enjoy dust baths as the wonderful Onduline roofing keeps everything dry. The structure is very solid and has not buckled even during the most severe gales or during heavy snow falls which are not rare in our part of the country. We gave the house a good clean after the second winter last year but all that was required was a quick hose down with a pressure washer and it looked like new again. The timber has not discoloured or lost its strength over the last 3 years. We are very happy in the knowledge that during the day when we are out our girls are safe. We made a couple of additions, a water butt at the back and guttering around the roof line so we can supply fresh water during the summer months without having to re-fill the drinker daily and installed some perches in the run. We are absolutely delighted with it and would be more than happy to buy another house in the future if the need arises for a second setup.  (09/01/2014) Diana Prudhoe - Northumberland

      Fantastic product, worth the wait...  Firstly I would give the product (in my case 6x15ft coop, internal nestbox, anti dig mesh/pop hole) 5 stars. My overall 4 star rating is slightly lower due to a less than expected customer service. 7 weeks expected delivery turned into 9 weeks. Status updates could be better. Would I recommend, YES!   (24/06/2013) Dean - Swindon

      Large House & Run  Well built product, the chucks love it and settled in straight away. So easy to get in with them, we have positioned it so that they can see what's going on everywhere the garden etc, which they enjoy as they don't want to be left out!   (24/02/2011) - Bedfordshire

      Large Chicken House and Automatic Door Opener  Excellent construction, easily put together. Would definitely recommend this build of house to anyone, solid as a rock. We opted for 9' by 15'. Access to nest boxes from either side is easy and cleaning very straightforward. A*************   (25/01/2011) -

    Sonning Major Chicken house

    Sonning Major Chicken house


    Large Chicken Run 6x9' basic size + options

    Large Chicken Run 6x9' basic size + options


    Monmouth Minor Chicken Coop

    Monmouth Minor Chicken Coop


    Monmouth Midi chicken coop

    Monmouth Midi chicken coop


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    Large walk in chicken coop

    Internal View of 9' wide chicken coop and run. This house is fitted with an additional 12" plinth to contain a wood chip base. It also has a mesh base to prevent access by foxes. The diagonal braces are only supplied when we assemble the houses. It's not cost effective to send these with a carrier when they can be sourced locally.

    Large walk in chicken coop

    Large Walk in Chicken House - Perch / Nest Area

    The standard nest option is for a simple plywood nest with access from the outside via a flap in the wall. 6' house is supplied with 1 set of 3, the 9' house has 2. These can be position on any of the house walls. Both houses are also supplied with 2 perches the width of the house. The plywood floors lift out for cleaning.

    Large Walk in Chicken House - Perch / Nest Area

    Large Chicken House with Door opens

    2 doors make cleaning easy and a wheelbarrow can also fit under the house.

    Large Chicken House with Door opens