Poultry supplies and chicken keeping equipment

POULTRY SUPPLIES | Poultry supplies and chicken keeping equipment

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To be an effective poultry keeper, you need good quality poultry equipment that won't break the bank. So you'll be delighted to learn that our poultry supplies range includes a diverse selection of essential items, all made to a high standard and available at affordable prices.
Here, you will find all of the chicken equipment and poultry supplies you could possibly need, including: egg cookers, egg cleaning machines, pluckers, feed storage units, coop cleaning products, pest control, and treatments for coccidiosis and parasites. And don't miss out on our leg rings - we have HUGE discounts of up to 50% available!
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Internal Parasite (worms etc)
Treatments and preventions for worms
Anti-peck products
These products will deter pecking amongst poultry
Coccidiosis Treatment & Prevention
Products to treat coccidiosis in poultry and prevent it's spread
Cleaning tools & Equipment
Tools for cleaning your chicken coop
Feed Storage bins, scoops and shovels
Galvanised and plastic feed scoops in several different sizes