Chicken Food and grit

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Layers Pellets or Layers Mash are the staple feed for most poultry and will provide everything your chickens need to thrive and produce eggs. Pellets are by far the most popular for back garden flocks and mash is more common for commercial poultry. You may find that if you have ex-commercial hens that they will prefer the mash that they are used to rather than changing to pellets. We also supply mixed poultry corn which is ideal as a scatter feed to prevent boredom.
Hens also need a supply of hard grit to aid digestion and may sometimes need added calcium in the form of crushed oystershell. Our mixed hen grit contains both.
Within this section you'll also find an asortment of insect based treats but these are for the wild birds that visit your garden, not for your chickens.

Insects for Birds
Dried insects and insect blocks for wild birds
Poultry Grit in 1, 2.5 and 25 kg bags
Poultry Grit, Oyster shell and Limestone Flour
Poultry Feed  in 1 & 2.5 kg bags
Feed for chickens in handy 1 & 2.5 kg bags
Feed for poultry in 7.5 and 20 kg bags
Feed for poultry in 7.5 and 20 kg packs