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Chicken Feeders - Which One to Choose?

An average size adult chicken will need 100-120 grams of feed every day. You can either feed them a rationied amount every day, or choose a chicken feeder than is large enough to last several days.
We reccomend that you choose a chicken feeder with at least a 2.5kg capacity so prevent it being knocked over as the hens run around. The smaller feeders are more suited to chicks.
If the feeder will be used outside then choose one of our water proof chicken feeders with a rainshield. Our treadle chicken feeders help prevent waste caused by wild birds and vermin.

Plastic poultry feeders up to 5 kg
Plastic Chicken feeders ideal for the home flock
Plastic chicken feeders 5kg and over
Plastic chicken feeders for larger flocks
Medium Weight Galvanised Chicken Feeders
Great value galvanised chicken feeders
Heavy Weight Galvanised Poultry Feeders
Our range of Heavy weight Galvanised poultry feeders will give you many years of service. Made in the UK
Treadle Operated Poultry Feeders
Treadle operated chicken feeders to reduce waste
Poultry Grit Hoppers
Galvanised & Plastic grit/feeder hoppers
Chicken Feeder Stands
great for preventing muddy puddles around feeders and drinkers.

When it's time to clean your chicken feeders we suggest using our Eton Appliance Cleaner as it's been formulated to deal with the muck and gunge you'll find develops on chicken feeders.