Chicken Houses and Coops for the Garden

All our chicken houses and coops can be finished in a variety of colours . We are happy to quote for any variations or designs you like, just email us with the details.

tilehurst 6 chicken houses or coop

Large Ark


Available in 3 sizes:-

4'x4' for up to 12 birds

6'x4' for up to 25 birds

8'x4' for up to 40 birds

All are fitted with skids to enable them to be towed (although even the largest can be moved by one person with the roof removed.)


The pop hole is the regulation 40x35cm opening.

100 sq inches of adjustable ventilation in the rear of the house and an equivalent amount along the length of the ridge insure the house is well ventilated without being draughty.

Roof slides away to give easy access to the inside for cleaning without the problems of controlling large removable panels on a windy day. As it slides it takes very little effort to open the roof.

Perches are commercial spec plastic slats that sit over removable droppings trays. All are easily removed for cleaning. They are raised 18" from the floor to give a 2 storey house.

1 perch in 4' house, 2 in 6' and 3 in the 8' version.


The nest boxes at mounted along one side.

The house can be built with 8 10"x14" for most common layers or 6 14"x14" nest for larger birds

The nest box dividers can be removed for cleaning, the floor of the nest then can be swept out into the main house.

Nighttime excluders are included to prevent night time roosting.

The nest boxes can be built with rollaway insert although these will only work properly if the house is on level ground.





4x4 £380

6x4 £440

8x4 £520

Prices including delivery within mainland England and Wales. Other areas will be charged depending on cost. Unlike other supplier we don't charge you extra to assemble these houses ready for use

Rollaway nest + £60



We accept payment by cheque, paypal or credit card. Please give us a call on 01495 313838 or email us




    Delivery to mainland England and Wales

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