Poultry Arks and Coops for the Garden

Your poultry ark can be finished in a variety of colours . We are happy to quote for any variations or designs you like, just email us with the details.

poultry Ark

poultry ark with run extension

poultry ark

This poultry ark is suitable for 3-4 small or medium birds. Larger versions are available. It is constructed from 19mm tongue and groove timber with weldmesh run area

There are removable panels for housing and nest box and removable end panels on run section. The ramp can be lifted to secure your poultrys at night. Easily moved by 2 people. It can be finished in a variety of colours.


House shown is 4'x4'. Other sizes available.
Please see "How to Order" for details.


3/4 poultry Ark £170 (4'x4')

6/7 poultry Ark £190 (6'x4')

8/10 poultry Ark £250 (8'x4')

6' Run Extension £100

These are delivered ready built so there is no assembly needed.


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