The Tilehurst poultry house

Your poultry house can be finished in a variety of colours .

We are happy to quote for any variations or designs you like, just email us with the details.

Tilehurst poultry house

tilehurst 6 poultry houses or coop


Shown here with the optional stand which provides a dry feeding area under the poultry shed

The poultry house shown is designed for 6 birds but is also avaible in 4 and 9 hen bersions.

The nest box can be positioned on any of the three sides of the coop and is easily removed to aid cleaning.

The removable perch is made from 3 "x2" with chamfered edges.

Our tilehurst poultry sheds are constructed from shiplap cladding with plywood floor and felted plywood lids.

House 2'x3' Nest box 2'x1'

Tilehurst 4 poultry House £190

These houses are delivered ready built so there is no assemble needed.

Tilehurst 6 poultry house £230


Tilehurst 6 poultry house + stand £270


Also available as tilehurst 9. Approx 3'x3'


Tilehurst 9 poultry house £260


Tilehurst 9 poultry house + stand £300

These prices include delivery to most of the UK.

How to Order? tilehurst 6 poultry house

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