R-Com Mini incubator +EZScope

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R-Com Mini incubator +EZScope

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• For learners, hobbyists, or teachers
• 37.5°C automatic temperature control
• Automatic egg-turning with auto stop 2 days prior to hatching
and warning buzzer
• Count down to hatch day
• Optimum conditions of incubation
• LCD shows all information
• 3 indentations accommodate eggs of all sizes from large duck
eggs down to quail eggs without any additional device
(optional insert for increased capacity)
• BLDC motor for air circulation (low noise, long life)
• Large view window to observe eggs and chicks
• Sensor and alarm if the view window is open
• Sensor and alarm for water supply
• Floating device to prevent water from overflowing
• Robust hygienic plastic construction
• Can be used as a temporary living place after incubation
• 12 months guarantee

R-Com Mini Incubator


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