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Build your own Chicken house.


Build your own house and run


New expanded edition includes house or chicken coop for 6-8 hens, complete with perches, nestbox, pop-hole, door and run.
Also includes an easy to make Bantam House for 3-4 birds.

An easy to build house for 6-8 hens, which can also be scaled for a smaller or larger house. It can be simplified for use as a duck or goose house. Arranged on an A2 sized sheet, there is a detailed cutting list as well as timber, fixture, tools and fittings requirements. Ideal plan for DIY chicken coop.


Chicken Coops: 45 Building Plans for Housing Your Flock £14.99


Poultry House Construction £8.50

This is a D.I.Y. guide to building houses and allied equipment such as show boxes, free range feeder, trap nest boxes. There are 13 projects, all with photographs of the finished article and diagrams with measurements of all the panels or sections; very easy to follow and to make. Projects include: Bantam House, 8ft Run, 6 or 8ft Ark, Eight or Ten Hen Coop and Poultry Palace. Other chapters include Housing Criteria, Tools Required and Timber Treatment.


Parts for chicken houses.

These are parts we stock to build our own range of houses. We are not able to supply parts not listed.

4" /100mm lightweight "T" hinge £0.50

6"/ 125mm lightweight "T" hinge £0.75

2" / 50mm Galvanised Thumb Turn £0.16

4" plated tower bolt £0.90
Image coming soon 3" angle bracket £0.25
Plated Suffolk Latch £3.35
3" Black Japaned hasp and staple £0.38
1" x 1/2" x 36" Weldmesh £60/ 30m roll. This is quality european mesh - no loose strands, runs in a straight line and much higher tensile strenght than the mesh from China.

10x4" wheel. Use 25mm electric conduit as an axle. £9

16" Wheel with pneumatic tyre. Use 25mm electric conduit as an axle. £13


Timber for Chicken Houses.

This is a list of timber we stock to build our own houses. It's all tanalised for maximum life. All timber needs to be collected from us. Please call us for prices

T&G Shiplap - 5x3/4" (121x15mm) 'V' T&G 5x5/8" (121x12mm)
CLS 3x2" (63x38mm) 2.4 & 4.8m lenghts 1 1/4 x 1 1/4" (38x38mm) rounded corners
2x1" (44x20mm) PSE 4x1" (94x20mm) PSE
1x1" (20x20mm) PSE