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These are example of houses we've built. The modula design allows us to build houses to various shapes and sizes.

9'x 28' House and run Fitted with External nest boxes and additional pop hole



Internal View of 9' wide house and run. This house is fitted with an additional 12" plinth to contain a wood chip base. It also has a mesh base to prevent access by foxes. The diagonal braces are only supplied when we assemble the houses. It's not cost effective to send these with a carrier when they can be sourced locally.



The standard nest option is for a simple plywood nest with access from the outside via a flap in the wall. 6' house is supplied with 1 set of 3, the 9' house has 2. These can be position on any of the house walls. Both houses are also supplied with 2 perches the width of the house. The plywood floors lift out for cleaning.


2 doors make cleaning easy and a wheelbarrow can also fit under the house.

6x15' run with 12" plinth containing an Omlet Egloo.

6x21' run wiith pophole to match to an Omlet Cube

Large 'T' shaped house comprising 6x12', 9x9' and 6x9' houses

Breeding pens comprise of 3 6x6' pens and 2 'x3' pens











Houses can be paid for in full online or, if you prefer, you can pay 20% deposit with the balance due on completion. Please contact us to arrange this. Most of our houses are based on designs we've made for our own chickens. Our houses are all hand built to order by local craftspeople. This means, although we can't ship immediately, we can include minor modifications and the option of having most houses finished in a range of colours.

With the exception of the large house and run all our houses are shipped ready assembled so they are ready to be used. If you require any house to be flat pack this can be arranged.

All other items are available to purchase online to the UK but can be shipped worldwide, Please contact us for a quote.