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The VSB Range of poultry house auto door openers.


Fitting is simple and only takes few minutes - Lift the door to the open position, attach the cord to the door, screw the VSB unit to the front of the hen house and fit the batteries. Done!

Prices quoted on this page are in Sterling with approximate exchange values in brackets. These prices include shipping and are only available for purchases made outside the EU


VSB - the basic model. This model is supplied without batteries or battery holder so needs to be connected to a suitable power supply. Control is according to the built in light sensor.

£77 ($140)


VSBb - the basic model plus the batteries and battery holder. With a suitable door the battery life can be up to 4 years.

£79 ($145)


VSBbi- As the VSBb but with the sensor fitted on an external cable so that the main unit can be position inside the hen house. Great where space is limited or you'd like to hide the mechanism.

£84 ($155)


VSB + timer - Allows you to set the actual opening time with closing controlled either by the light sensor or the timer.

£108 ($198)


VSBb + timer £110 ($202)


VSBbi + timer £115 ($211)


VSB + sliding door. This is a lightweight aluminum door and a pair of rails.

£101 ($186)


VSBb + door £103 ($198)


VSBbi + door £108 ($198)


VSB + timer + door £126 ($238)



VSBb + timer + door £127 ($233)


VSBbi + timer + door £132 ($243)


The unit can also be use to open more than one door using a pulley system. Please email us for more details    


And now the technical bit!

This automatic control device can be used wherever a vertical sliding gate is to be opened and closed in response to light conditions at dawn and dusk, for instance on a henhouse etc.
The sensitivity of the system is adjustable. Using our timers, it is possible to open and to close the sliding gate according to the time setting or to open it according to the time setting and to close it in response to light conditions at dusk

The VSB unit is suitable for outside installation, is weatherproof, can readily be exposed to sunlight and is insensitive to lightning stroke.
Mounting is very easy: Open the sliding gate, fasten it at the VSB unit and insert the batteries.

The lower stop will be automatically "chosen" by the sliding gate, i.e. when the latter reaches the lower position.
The maximum stroke length of 50 cm can be increased, upon request. The system makes it also possible to operate several sliding gates via idlers.

Power supply: 4 Mignon alkaline LR 6 (AA) batteries.
In a long-time reliability test motor defects were found to occur only after 18,482 opening and closing operations (i.e. after a service life of about 50 years).

electronic doorkeeper

Latest Modifications:
- Compact geared motor with steel gears ensuring extremely long life;
- Battery life now 3 to 4 years with an HS sliding gate or 2 years with a 1,5-kg sliding gate
   featuring a 50-cm-lift;
- Operates considerably quieter now;
- Thanks to 40-kg breaking strength, the rope can hardly break any more.

Several thousand VSB Electronic Doorkeepers have proved to be effective in Europe, America, Africa and Australia since 1983 (from Oslo to Lagos and from Sydney  to Buenos Aires, L.A. and Montreal).
This latest generation has been produced using SMT-Technology. The electronic components are fixed to the underside of the PCB (printed circuit board) and are optimally protected with a special varnish against aggressive gases, dampness and dirt.