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wall mounted poultry dispatcher

This humane poultry dispatcher, is a simple yet effective appliance, which should be attached to a wall, partition or upright beam. To use, insert neck of bird in U gap and pull lever down smartly. This will break the neck of the bird, sever the spinal cord and form a cavity into which the blood will drain when the bird is hung. The appliance is not intended to sever the head of the bird and an adjusting screw is provided to regulate the gap from one type of bird to another.

Wall Mounted dispatcher

Wall Mounter dispatcher   £42 Quantity: 


large poultry slaughter tools

Tripod dispatcher

A substantial, simply operated device ideally suited for the larger type of bird. Two cones are supplied. The smaller of which is for chicken. The bird is simply inverted into the cone and the neck is broken and a cavity formed by a sharp downward movement of the handles. This method has the advantage that the birds movement is restricted which virtually eliminates wing damage and bruising.

plucking machine for poultry

Dry Plucker.

The plucker makes an excellent job of plucking all types of poultry from pidgeons to turkey and geese. No special skill is required. The suction developed at the plucking head draws the feathers into the head where they are gripped by rotating plates to withdraw them from the body. Conforms to EU regulations. Spares available. 240 V. Shown with optional turkey cradle.

Plucker £2250 Quantity: 

There may be an additinal charge for delivery to highlands and Islands

accesories for plucking machine

Turkey Cradle to fit Plucker