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Images above are of the standard 9'x12' house and run fitted with an extra 15' extension to give a total area of 9'x27'. All houses are now manufactured in green pressure treated timber.


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9' Wide Chicken house and run

From £700


House - 3'x9'.

Height at eaves - 5'

Run - 9'x12' (including area under the house) with additional panels available.

Frame work is 63x38mm Pressure treated timber.

1x1/2" 19g weldmesh

Roof is corroline in a choice of colours.

The run door can be positioned on any side as can the nest box.

The house is designed to be easy to clean - most wheelbarrows will fit through the run door and under the house meaning all waste can be scraped straight in to the barrow and removed.

The house is supplied with 2 nest boxes that are accessed from the out side.







Nest boxes are fitted internal with access from the outside via a lift up flap. Or ,optionally, external boxes can be fitted.

inside large chicken shed

Chicken shed and 9x9' walk-in run £700


Addition run extension. Per 3' section(2 panels+ roof)

External nest boxes

Rollaway Nest box

Automatic door opener

Extra pop fitted to a mesh panel to enable the hens to free range

This house is delivered flat pack and will need assembling.

Click here to download the assembly instruction (14Mb PDF)

Delivery is included to mainland England and Wales.


Due to the massive demand for our houses we advise you to contact us to check availability before placing your order.




We accept payment by credit card and paypal.

If you'd like to pay by cheque please use the shopping basket to produce a printable order form.

Extra Large chicken house with walk-in run (£700)

Roof Colour :
Nest box :
Auto Door opener:
Run extension :
Pop Hole :
Delivery/Assembly :





Houses can be paid for in full online or, if you prefer, you can pay 20% deposit with the balance due on completion. Please contact us to arrange this. Most of our houses are based on designs we've made for our own chickens. Our houses are all hand built to order by local craftspeople. This means, although we can't ship immediately, we can include minor modifications.

With the exception of the large house and run all our houses are shipped ready assembled so they are ready to be used. If you require any house to be flat pack this can be arranged.

All other items are available to purchase online to the UK but can be shipped worldwide, Please contact us for a quote.