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Verm-X internal parasite control

Being 100% natural there is no egg withdrawal period - Verm-X tincture is easy to use by adding to your birds drinking water disallowing any other drinking water for the 4 days you add Verm-X.

A further advantage of Verm-X over chemical based products is that if you are growing your birds for your dinner table there is no withdrawal period after using Verm-X prior to eating.

Verm-X for Poultry has been developed to be specifically administered in the drinking water - it is a liquid product that mixes quickly and evenly in water feeders.

Simply add 1.5 ml per bird to their water bottle - (disallowing any other drinking water) for 3 consecutive days - repeat every 4 weeks.

250ml bottle will treat 10 hens for 6 months.



250ml bottle £15.85 Quantity: 
500ml bottle £26.60 Quantity: 

Verm-x Pellets. When it's difficult to control where the hens drink from Verm-x pellets can simply be added to their feed.

750g pellets £22 Quantity: 


Apple Cider Vinegar

A total Natural Organic, anti-bacterial, anti-coccidial anthelmintic and tonic beneficial effects for all livestock and poultry. Increases egg supply,improves feathering and improves flavour and tenderness of meat birds.

1litre £3.99


5litre £12.95


more info


hatchery sanatiser

Hatchery Sanatiser 100ml & 500ml

100ml £2.75


500ml £12.75




Poultry spice supplement


A general tonic, increases egg supply and keeps the bird strong and healthy.

Poultry Spice 450g £3.70
Poultry Spice 1.5 Kg £9.40


Poultry drink


Poultry drink 200ml £2.30
Poultry Drink 500ml £3.80


Mite Kill Spray 500ml


500ml Mite Kill £9.85 Quantity: 

Recommended for recovering ex-battery hens

LAYER LIQUIVITS are specially formulated to augment essential micronutrients. It contains a balance of vitamins and amino acids. Also contains Biotin, and has been specifically formulated to help the optimum performance of birds in lay.

Layer Liquivits should be used at 1ml per litre of drinking water for a period of at least 5 days. Layer Liquivits are completely soluble with no mixing problems .


1l bottle £15.85 Quantity: 

Includes EU approved chelated trace elements, soluble calcium and soluble sodium bicarbonate

  Can promote improved nutrient absorption, to produce improved shell thickness and strength
  Suitable for all breeding stock and commercial layers

SHELL MAX is formulated to improve shell thickness and strength during periods of nutritional stress. This product is a liquid product which is added totally independent of the feed, thus side stepping the feed intake, reducing effects of stress, temperature, mineral imbalance and feed separation. SHELL MAX can be used to improve shell quality by providing soluble calcium, sodium bicarbonate and other micro elements which are necessary for correct enzyme function.

For every 5 litres of drinking water use 1ml of SHELL MAX . The dose of SHELL MAX is most effectively given during the second part of the photo period, but it can be given safely at any time of the day. The treatment period should be not less than 7 days, after which the shell problem should be evaluated and treatment reintroduced if necessary.



1l bottle £15.85 Quantity: 

wound powder


Veterinary Wound powder 20g £3.20
Veterinary Wound powder 125g £6.10



Versatile anti mite powder to be spread amongst bedding. It can also be added to feed for the treatment of internal parasites.

2 KG Diatom powder

£26 Quantity: 

Poultry Shield

Use the cleaning product to eliminate red mite from your coup.

Spray everywhere inside the coupe ensuring plenty of product penetrates all the joins. If possible loosen some of the joints in the structure to guarantee all areas are covered. Felt roofs on a coup are a problem - the mites typically hide between the felt and the wood. We recommend felt roofs are replaced with unduline corrugated roofing which can be removed and reattached easily.

Do not be tempted to use a household cleaning product as many contain caustic chemicals which can be absorbed by eggs.

Poultry Shield is widely recognised as the most powerful non-caustic cleaning product on the market.

1 Litre poultry shield concentrate

£12.50 Quantity: 

1 Litre poultry shield ready mixed spray

£7.80 Quantity: 

Organic red mite powder

rec mite concentrate

organic animal louse powder

V1 Disenfectant


Red Mite Powder 500g £7.95 more info...


Red Mite Powder 5Kg £54 more info...


Red Mite Concentrate .5l (makes 25l) £13 more info...








Poultry and Animal Louse powder 500g £7.95 more info....

Poultry and Animal Louse powder 5Kg £51 more info....


V1 Disinfectant 1l £16 more info...
V1 Disinfectant 5 l £65 more info...




Stockholm Tar £4.50


Quanti ty: 

Scaly Lotion £2.50

for the treatment of Scaly leg.




Black disinfectant

1 litre £6.50

A water miscible disinfectant for use in stables and kennels.