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The VSB Range of poultry house auto door openers.


Fitting an automatic pophole opener is simple and only takes a few minutes - Lift the door to the open position, attach the cord to the door, screw the VSB unit to the front of the hen house and fit the batteries. Done!

VSBb is the basic automatic poultry door opener supplied with batteries and battery holder. With a suitable door the battery life can be up to 4 years. This works according to a light sensor or the optional timer

VSBbi As the VSBb but with the sensor fitted on an external cable so that the main unit can be position inside the hen house. Great where you'd like to hide the mechanism.This works according to a light sensor or the optional timer

VSBb-SA is specifically designed for ducks as they don't normally put themselves away. It automatically opens in the morning but can to be manually activated to shut at before dark.

Timer - Connecting a timer to a VSBb or VSBbi will enable you to set the actual opening time with the light sensor controlling the closing or to control both opening and closing. This is especially useful for free range birds as it enables them to be confined until after any night time predators have gone home.

Doors - A choice of 3 light weight doors 22x33cm for hens, 30x40 for ducks and 33x55 for geese.

Pulleys - To open more than one door or increase the lifting capacity of the VSB unit


VSBb / VSBbi / VSBb-SA

Additional Doors Quantity: 

Additional pulleys to operate more than one door (minimum 1 pulley/door)


Timer (BS) £33


Mounting Examples

Standard Installation

Installation where door is between 3 & 6 KG

Installation where vertical height is limited Installation to open doors with one VSB unit




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