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Monarch live capture rat trap

Traditional "Monarch" Live Capture Rat trap

This trap features a tapering tunnel entrance with a secondary holding cage with door to remove captive rats, Capable of catching whole families of rats at a time. No setting required just bait the trap.

This trap is hand built due it's complex design and then hot dipped to produce the galvanised protection that will ensure it see many years service




family multi catch rat trap

Modern Live capture 14" Family Rat Trap.

Sprung door is triggered when the rat disturbs the bait.

More rats can then enter by the one way door on the other end of the trap.




Metal Self set trap. set of 3 for £7.50


Wooden trap. set of 3 for £6.00



Mouse Traps


Multi live catch repeating mouse trap

simple to use, easy to clean, strong and safe for children, pets and for the captured mice, No Poison, No Kill, Humane Live CatchHere's how the multi live catch repeating mouse trap works, two side entrance openings conceal an inclined slope that the mice are enticed into by their own curiosity, other captured mice or some form of bait or attractant. As the mouse walks up the incline the weight of the mouse tips it into the trap at the same instance closing the door and resetting the trap for the next mouse to enter.

10" long x 6" wide x 2" tall (approx.) made from long lasting galvanised steel with a plexiglass viewing window in the lid

Place The multi live catch repeating mouse trap flat on the floor against the wall or skirting with the openings adjacent to the wall. Mice run from one safety point to another, they'll run along the wall and into the opening in the trap and be enticed into the trap and safely caught. Trapped mice attract other mice, soon you may catch the whole family, up to thirty mice, with out resetting the trap, safely without harming the mice

Bait with a quater inch slice of snicker bar placed in the centre of the trap, in hot dry weather a jam jar lid filled with water works as excellent bait. Close the lid and place a small book over the transparent cover to exclude the light. If the mice won't go in, try leaving the lid open until the mice start eating the bait, then re-bait and close the lid.


Multi Catch Mouse Trap £15.50