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Verm-X internal parasite control

Being 100% natural there is no egg withdrawal period - Verm-X tincture is easy to use by adding to your birds drinking water disallowing any other drinking water for the 4 days you add Verm-X.

A further advantage of Verm-X over chemical based products is that if you are growing your birds for your dinner table there is no withdrawal period after using Verm-X prior to eating.

Verm-X for Poultry has been developed to be specifically administered in the drinking water - it is a liquid product that mixes quickly and evenly in water feeders.

Simply add 1.5 ml per bird to their water bottle - (disallowing any other drinking water) for 3 consecutive days - repeat every 4 weeks.

250ml bottle will treat 10 hens for 6 months.



250ml bottle £15.85 Quantity: 
500ml bottle £26.60 Quantity: 

Verm-x Pellets. When it's difficult to control where the hens drink from Verm-x pellets can simply be added to their feed.

750g pellets £22 Quantity: 


Apple Cider Vinagar

A total Natural Organic, anti-bacterial, anti-coccidial anthelmintic and tonic benificial effects for all livestock and poultry. Increases egg supply,improves feathering and improves flavour and tenderness of meat birds.

1litre £3.99

hatchery sanatiser

Hatchery Sanatiser 100ml



Poultry spice supplement


A general tonic, increases egg supply and keeps the bird strong and healthy.

Poultry Spice 450g £3.70
Poultry Spice 1.5 Kg £9.40


Poultry drink


Poultry drink 200ml £2.30
Poultry Drink 500ml £3.80


wound powder


Veterinary Wound powder 20g £3.20
Veterinary Wound powder 125g £6.10


Organic red mite powder

rec mite concentrate

organic animal louse powder

V1 Disenfectant


Red Mite Powder 500g £7.95 more info...


Red Mite Powder 5Kg £54 more info...


Red Mite Concentrate .5l (makes 25l) £13 more info...



Poultry and Animal Louse powder 500g £7.95 more info....

Poultry and Animal Louse powder 5Kg £51 more info....



V1 Disinfectant 1l £16 more info...
V1 Disinfectant 5 l £65 more info...




fossil shield mite powder

Fossil Shield Powder - Organic treatment for red mites. Kills mites by dehydration.


250ml £9.50 Quantity: 
500ml £18 Quantity: 

Stockholm Tar £4.50


Quanti ty: 

Scaly Lotion £2.50

for the treatment of Scaly leg.




Black disinfectant

1 litre £6.50

A water miscible disinfectant for use in stables and kennels.