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R-Com Mini £79



• For learners, hobbyists, or teachers
• 37.5°C automatic temperature control
• Automatic egg-turning with auto stop 2 days prior to hatching
and warning buzzer
• Count down to hatch day
• Optimum conditions of incubation
• LCD shows all information
• 3 indentations accommodate eggs of all sizes from large duck
eggs down to quail eggs without any additional device
(optional insert for increased capacity)
• BLDC motor for air circulation (low noise, long life)
• Large view window to observe eggs and chicks
• Sensor and alarm if the view window is open
• Sensor and alarm for water supply
• Floating device to prevent water from overflowing
• Robust hygienic plastic construction
• Can be used as a temporary living place after incubation
• 12 months guarantee

R-Com Mini + EZScope £115




R-Com EZScope £37


R-Com 20 Standard 2008 version £214.98

  • Automatic temperature setting
    and control
  • Automatic humidity setting and control
  • Automatic hourly egg turning
  • Large double-glazed observation window
  • Easy dismantling for cleaning
  • Selection of °C or° F for temperature display
  • Alarm to warn if the observation window is not secured
  • Automatic fan cutout when incubator is disassembled
  • 'Low Water' alarm
  • Incubation settings are automatically saved in the event of power failure




R Com Pro20 2008 version £299.98

Additional Features of the R-Com Pro-20

Automatic mode which allows the user to simply select the species being incubated, add water and leave the incubator to select the correct conditions. The incubator will cease turning eggs two days before hatching and will indicate the number of days remaining until hatch. Additional species settings are being continuously researched and the incubator can be updated with the latest settings with a simple internet download.

Manual mode which allows the user to program all functions, temperature, humidity and egg turning frequency and angle. Incubation period is not programmed in manual mode; egg turning must be stopped by the user.


R-Com 20PRO +USB 2008 version £324.98

PC mode The incubator is provided with USB connection and PC software. The software provides all the incubation controls along with records and data analysis of the incubation process. E.g. egg density loss can be plotted to check humidity settings are correct.



Download R-Com Manuals

R-Com Instruction Manual Part 1

R-com Instruction Manual part 2

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